Landlord Manager 2008

Landlord Manager 2008 8.20

Become a more organized landlord


  • Syncs with Outlook
  • Helps you fill in your tax return with printouts
  • Helps you keep abreast of rents and important deadlines


  • Tailored specifically for the UK market
  • Takes some time to master


if you're a full time or part time landlord, you'll know that keeping tabs on rent and issues regarding your properties is a real hassle. Landlord Manager is designed to save both time and remind you of important deadlines as regards tax. However, please note that this program is aimed at those landlords living in the UK so tax arrangements may differ in your country.

It takes some time to get to grips with the program because there's so much that it can monitor. It will take you a while just to work out what is what. Fortunately, the program is complemented by extensive instructions so this isn't as bad as it sounds. The interface is quite basic although it follows classic Windows style with toolbars and drop down menus as you might find in Word or Excel.

The program has several useful features including a sync function with Outlook to ensure you don't forget important dates and even free email and telephone support for the full current version. The ultimate aim of the program is to make sure that when it's time to do your tax return, you're organised and ready to go.

This is a superb landlord management tool for those willing to take the time to learn it although it is very tailored towards the UK market so users from other countries may want to look elsewhere.

Landlord Manager uses a simple user interface to allow you to record property income and expenditure for up to 100 properties. With numerous drill down facilities, reports and graphs you can easily track the progress of your rented property.

Other features include a Rent Centre that will track your tenants and their outstanding rents as well as the ability to print tenancy agreements and section 21 notices and an Alert Centre to record those critical events such as safety checks.

Landlord Manager 2008


Landlord Manager 2008 8.20

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